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Ketamax 10ml 500mg


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Ketamax 10ml 500mg Injection is a drug that is mainly used as an anaesthetic drug. It can be found in powdered or liquid form and especially used by veterinarians in treatment of animals. It causes temporary sedation, trance and a relaxed state of mind and body. It is used in order to conduct surgical procedures and other treatments that may cause immense pain and discomfort. The heart, lungs and other vital organs remain functioning normally even though the patient loses consciousness.

Although the exact mechanism by which Ketamax 10ml 500mg Injection exerts its anaesthetic effect is still under investigation, it is believed to work by binding to and inhibiting N-methyl D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors. It is also believed to bind to opioid receptors, muscarinic receptors, and monoaminergic receptors. However, unlike most other oral anaesthetics, it does not bind to GABA receptors.

This drug should not be used by people who suffer from glaucoma, have meningitis or a brain tumour. Let you doctor know if you suffer from any of the following condition – coronary artery disease, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, angina, or alcohol addiction.

The common side effects of using Ketamax 10ml 500mg Injection are generally seen as the patient comes off the drug and regains consciousness. These include psychological reactions like confusion, hallucinations, drowsiness, agitation, memory loss, nausea, slurring of speech, dissociation from the body, dizziness, delirium, and inability to control eye movements or slow heartbeat.

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